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Wednesday, December 8, 2004

8:02AM - have fun for sleep peace ect

please try these out and send results if they work or not *just for fun* send in your spells too

Circle of Prosperity Spell
by: Lori Bruno

To make a circle of prosperity around your whole being, gather three thin bands: one of silver, one of gold, and one of copper. On the index finger of your left hand, place the gold band first, then the copper band, and finally the silver band. When you wish to have good fortune use them to call on Fortuna, goddess of good fortune. The best time to do this will be when the Sun is in Taurus.

Generating Luck Spell
by: Janina Renée

Spells for generating luck are important, because they cover most of the good things we desire. One way to generate luck is to compile a "Book of Fortune." To begin, list your blessings in a blank book— striving to come up with 999 things that have been lucky for you. Even in an uneventful life, there are little serendipities—things found, recoveries made. Include emotional riches, such as each relationship you have enjoyed, memories of special occasions, and help you received from others. Also, write down your achievements and other good qualities. When you have counted 999 blessings, you can expect some special stroke of luck. However, your luck will increase well before that, because with every sentence you will be affirming the fact that you do have blessings. You can recite lines from this book as part of rites to strengthen your own spirit of luck.

To Gain Money
by: D.J. Conway

silver coin

Fill the cauldron half-full of water and drop a silver coin into it. Position the cauldron so that the light of the Moon shines into the water. Gently sweep your hands just above the surface, symbolically gathering the Moon's silver.

While doing this, say:

Lovely Lady of the Moon, bring to me your
wealth right soon. Fill my hands with silver
and gold. All you give, my hands can hold.

Repeat three times. When finished, pour the water upon the Earth. This is best done during the Full Moon.

The Magic Money Jar
by: Silver RavenWolf

When March winds blow, and skies are bleak
And your checking account looks like welfare week
Go to your kitchen with a dash
Find a jar to bring some cash.

Get a tea bag, mint for sure
Brew a cup, you need no more.
In your little witches pot,
Add vervain, not a lot.

In goes dragons' blood and cinquefoil
Bring it all to a rolling boil.
Mix ingredients, stir it thrice
Cut the heat, throw in some ice.

On paper virgin, write your need
Be specific, ignore the greed.
Put the paper in the jar
To bring in riches from afar.

Call the Fates, yes all three
Ask them for prosperity
Here's the chant, it's easy now
Take your time to give it pow.

Three great ladies crossed the land
Each held prosperity in their hand
The first said, "She needs some."
The second said, "She has some."
The third said, "There is more to come."
"We turn three times, the way of the Sun."

Raise your energy, clap three times
Then seal the brew with a magical sign.
When it cools, pour in the jar
Close it tight, mark with a star.

A minor magic, I call this
To bring you monetary bliss
For extra punch, choose a planetary hour
Full Moon's good, for extra power.

When money comes, thank the Gods
Pour the content on the sod
Return in like the gifts you got
And remember all the blessings brought.

Spell to Boost Personal Productivity
by: Dorothy Morrison

To improve your own work productivity, during the waxing Moon place one hematite in a small basket or tray and enchant it by saying: "Ground and heal, magnetic one; bring me clarity on this day." Add the quartz crystal to the container and say: "Bring boundless energy to me; may it last through this day." Add the calcite and say: "Stone of joy and yellow light, help me sort through my work today." Place the container of stones on your desk and say: "Help me work through the day; bring me inspiration. And when the day is done, may the labor be finished."

Anti-Insomnia Spell
by: Kala Trobe

Wrap handfuls of uncooked oats and dried camomile flowers, and a pinch of mandrake in a square of cheesecloth and filter a hot bath through it. Light some Egyptian kyphi incense and bathe while deeply breathing the aromas. In bed, envisage yourself in a field of camomile, like Dorothy surrounded by poppies in the Wizard of Oz. Think of lying down in the fragrant daisies, lulled to sleep by their fresh, sweet smell. Beneath the ground, the underworld; and above, in the blue sky, Witches and rainbow-hued elementals fly by on unimaginable missions. You lie drowsing in the fragrant flowers, following one of the passers-by, then another, tracing their patterns in the ether and following to the tunnel leading to the deep blue yonder.

Deep Sleep Spell
by: Therese Francis

To ensure a deep sleep, fill the sink with warm water before going to bed every night. Add five to ten drops of lavender oil, and splash the water on your face, the back of your neck, your wrists, elbows, stomach, knees, and ankles. Alternatively, you may shower and then take a hot soaking bath in a lavender tea. To make the tea, boil a quart of water. Remove from heat and add a half-cup lavender flowers. Steep for five minutes then strain. Pour the lavender tea into a tub filled with hot water and enjoy.

all these from http://www.workingwitch.com/spells/sleep2.html

Saturday, October 30, 2004

7:32AM - Shintoism

Well, while I'm here, I might as well explain the basics of a good and wholesome religion. Shinto is the native religion of Japan. It derives from the two Chinese words Shin (meaning divine) and Tao (meaning way). The Japanese term for Shinto is Kami-no-Michi.

In Shinto, one reveres nature. I find it is the purest and most untouched form of religion. There are no masters except those found in nature; no rules except for those which are found to be the most fundamental.

Shinto focuses on the worship of Kami, which are spirits in nature. Kami are not gods; they are imperfect like we are. They are born like we are. In fact, unlike the Christianity, man is NOT born of evil but rather is a child of the Kami. Even the most powerful Kami (Amaterasu; Sun Goddess) has her weaknesses.

Shinto is not just a religion, it is a way of life. It has made me happy and I am confident it can make you happy. Consider it---it doesn't bite.

If you would like to know more about Shinto, feel free to contact me. I have a few good books and a wealth of information to help aspiring worshipers out.

May the Kami bless us all.

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Tuesday, October 12, 2004


actually yes it does lenny and any other religon out there if you have a religon and you wna to argue tell or just state facts about it then type them in here always looking for new ways to drive our lifes

Tuesday, October 5, 2004


Heeey! Hey everybody. Interesting community here. Does it welcome Shintoists? I certianly hope so. Blessings.

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Saturday, October 2, 2004

3:53PM - Blessed Be

Hey im putting out my first official post. this is just going to have sites on spells and basics.

http://www.freewebs.com/akaasha/ the basics

good site for rune info and holodays ect.

http://www.affiliateshop.com/ Good source for all the tools

"Spells are not about turning people into frogs or granting wishes. A spell is a set of actions and prayers that you do and say in order to ask for divine help with some particular aspect of your life." Mnemosyne's Realm 9

http://www.geocities.com/welsshwitch/halloween.html a site of a welsh witch

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Wednesday, September 29, 2004


hey how you doing jsut a new community kinda feeling lonely here lol anywho join me